How To Apply Bihar Student Credit Card

How To Apply Bihar Student Credit Card

How To Apply Bihar Student Credit Card


Pre-Online Registration

1. What is DRCC?

The DRCC or the District Registration andcum Counselling Centre would be the primary facilitation centre for this scheme. After a student applies for a particular scheme online, he/she will have to visit the DRCC with the required documents (in original) for verification and his biometric authentication enrollment. Once the documents are verified at DRCC and approved by assigned authority, the student can avail the facilities under the respective schemes.

2. What are the schemes under DRCC?

The DRCC would facilitateaid the implementation of the following schemes.
– Mukhya Mantri Nischaya Swayam Sahayta Bhatta Yojna (MNSSBY)
– Bihar Student Credit Card scheme (BSCC)
– Kushal Yuva Program

3. How can I apply for MNSSBY?

The applicant can fill the application form online by visiting the website The Homepage of the website would have a ” New Applicant Registration ” button . The page following the link would require the user to enter a valid email id and a mobile number along with other details. One-time passwords (OTP) will be sent to both, the entered email address and the mobile number. The applicant will have to enter the respective OTPs to proceed further. Once the OTP based authentication is complete, the user will be registered in the system and his login details (User id and password) will be sent to his email address. Tthe applicant can then use the received credentialsreceived, to apply for a scheme of his choice by following the on screen instructions.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for MNSSBY, BSCC and Kushal Yuva Program?

i) Eligibility for MNSSBY:
* Young girls/boys, in the age group of 20-25 years, who are currently not studying and are in search of employment, and have passed Class 12th from any institute/school situated in Bihar and affiliated to examination Board/Council recognized by the Government, are eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme.
* The applicant must be a permanent resident of Bihar and can apply for the scheme only from the district he/she is a permanent resident of.
* The applicant must not be a holder of any kind of allowance/scholarship/ youth development assistance/student credit card from any other source
* The applicant must not be holding any kind of employment/contract (permanent/temporary)
* The applicant must not be self-employed
* The applicant loses eligibility for availing the allowance under the scheme from the day the applicant attains any kind of permanent/temporary employment or self-employment
* Applicant has to undergo mandatory training/s offered by the Department of Labor Resource undervia their scheme ‘Kushal Yuva Program’

ii) Eligibility for BSCC scheme:
* The applicant must have passed 12th Examination from any board recognized by government
* The applicant must have got an offer letter for admission to any recognized college
* The applicant must be a permanent resident of Bihar and can apply for scheme only from the district he/she is permanent residence of.

iii) Eligibility for Kushal Yuva Program:
* Youth of 15-25 age group who have passed class 10th or class 12th, have dropped out of formal education and are looking for jobs are eligible to apply for this scheme.

5. Can I apply for all three schemes at a time?

No, an Individual can apply for only one scheme depending on his eligibility (But it is mandatory for all the studentsapplicants opting for MNSSBY to attended training under Kushal Yuva Program)

6. If I have passed Intermediate from other state, shall I get the benefit of the scheme?

No, the benefits under these schemes can be availed only if you have passed intermediate from a recognized institution in Bihar .

7. What are the documents that I need during application? While applying online you are required to furnish information as required by various schemes but no upload of document is required. Once the online application is complete, you would be given a checklist of documents to be carried( in original along with self-attested copies) to the DRCC.

8. Is there any deadline for applying?

No , there is no deadline as such. You can apply anytime as long as you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

During Online Registration

9. How can I know the details for applying the schemes?

The details for applying to the schemes is available on our website . One can also call our toll free number 1800 3456 444 and speak to our helpline executives.

10. Do I have to attach documents online?

No , no documents need to be uploaded while filling the online application.

11. I am getting error messages, what to do?

For any kind of technical assistance please call our Toll free helpline number 1800 3456 444 from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

12. My browser is not supporting where to seek help?

Application is supported from all standard browsers – Internet Explorer version 10 and onwards, Chrome version 53.0.2785.116, FirefoxMozila 40.0.2. For further assistance, please call our toll free helpline number 1800 3456 444 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

13. I have submitted the application once, but have not received any response, shall I submit again?

Please call our toll free helpline number 1800 3456 444 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

14. My internet speed is slow, what shall I do?

You can try applying using the mobile app . Mobile app can let you apply offline. The data would be transferred to our servers once your phone has data connectivity.

15. How much time it will take to fill application?

For MNSSBY and KYP scheme approximate time to fill an application is 30 minutes. However for BSCC scheme approximate time is 1 hour.

16. Is there is any checklist of required information during online filling of application?

Yes, for details kindly refer the “How to Apply” section of this application.

After Online Registration

17. How will I know when the application is complete?

You shall receive a message on you registered mobile number and an email on your registered email address. The email will have a PDF of your filled application form which shall also include a checklist of documents to be carried to DRCC for verification. The applicant is expected to carry a printout of this PDF with his signature and passport size photo affixed on it.

18. Shall I send the documents through post to DRCC?

No, you will have to carry the document (in original along with self-attested copies) in person to DRCC on the day of your appointment.

19. Shall I get my original documents back if submitted?

The Original documents need not be submitted. They are to be presented to the window operator only for the purpose of verification and scanning. The said documents will be returned immediately.

20. How many days shall I have to wait for any updates?

All applications received at the DRCC shall be processed on first come first serve basis. Though there are no timelines defined, the applications will be processed in a swift manner and the applicant shall be communicated the status as and when required.

21. I miss the deadline on the assigned date for documents submission, what shall I do?

The system will auto-re-schedule your appointment up-to three times. After that You can reschedule your DRCC appointment twice,using the web portal or by calling our call centre. You will be re allotted a slot at DRCCIn case you are not able to come to DRCC, your candidature will be cancelled.

22. How will I know that my documents are successfully submitted?

You shall receive a message and email confirming the same.

Post Document Submission


Self Help Allowance

23. How many days will it take to process application?

All applications received at the DRCC shall be processed on first come first serve basis. Though there are no timelines defined, the applications will be processed in a swift manner and the applicant shall be communicated the status as and when required.

24. I have got a job how to inform DRCC?

You will have to convey your unemployment every month through our web portal or by calling our call centre. If no such confirmation is made, the system assumes that you have received some employment and your allowance shall be discontinued. Students Credit Card

25. My credit card is lost? How can I get New one?

Policy needs to be framed. One can always send a soft copy of the credit card to the student via email.

26. I am not getting assistance from bank, what to do?

You can log a complaint with the call center. It would be automatically be forwarded to the concerned authorities. Kushal Yuva Program

27. How many days of training will be provided?

This program would have a 240hour training program spanning across three months.

28. What is the benefit of receiving training?

The training will make its participant, who will primarily be job seeking youth, ready for the job market. The program intends to make them more confidant and suitable for employment.

29. What are the courses that I will be taught?

The training shall focus on basic computer literacy, language skills and soft skills.

30. Will I be receiving a certificate?

Yes, you shall receive a certificate if you successfully complete the training and associated assessments.

31. Is there any placement facility available?

No, Placement support is not a part of KYP.

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