Dreams of emerging life

Dreams of emerging life

by krishna :-  30-04-2016 Night 10:00 Pm


I am Krishna Kumar, a few moments of my life I am going to share with you.                                                                 Matter of those days when we were 12 years old.    Only one of those days was different.    We were very happy ,

Whose motives were those days and today is something else.  Today looks like something has got to see something like dreams.We were so happy that we had a lot of time, We did not have TV,
But on Sunday, the film only came on TV in those days, we used to wait 1 week,   One of those days was a different thing , Today, we have TV,   The film runs approximately 24 hours, But while today’s sport watch TV,
Mobile, laptop, being ,  I do not have time,   Friends of the game is the same time when the food is to humans so do not feel hungry,  And food to the hungry,


coming soon ………………….


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