Kamtaul – Ahilya Sthan

Kamtaul – Ahilya Sthan

Aug-04-Tuesday Mayapur

Early morning at 4.00 am we have a train from Kakdwip and reach sealdah station at 7.00 am. We book a hotel Anandha bhavan( No 95, Chittaranjan avenue ph: (033)2236-1080) with morning and night tiffen includes 350/- per person. We fix a room. At 11.00 am we reach sealdah railway station. Take ticket Bisnupriya Halt. Passenger train goes upto Katwa jn. Train starts at 12.10 pm and reach the Bishnupri around 02.30 pm. Due to heavy rain Nabadwip have water at the roads. We reach a ferry point to cross the ganga and to reach the Mayapur.

For the ferry they charge 2/- per person and the boats have transfer around 100 persons per time. we cross the river. It comes with force due to flood. We drop at mayapur but we can’t enter into the city with full of flood.

Locals have small 3 to 4 persons sitting boats. They are ready to show the iskon temple and return to the ferry point at 500/- for 3 persons. It takes around 3 hrs. we return to the Bishnupri railway station at 6.00 pm. We catch a train upto bandel jn. We pick up one more train to reach howrah jn. We purchase some vegetables there.

We return the room around 10.00 pm. Next day evening we have catch GANGASAGAR EXP at 17.45 . We reach Darbhanga jn next day morning 06.30 AM.

August 06-15 Thrusday Kamtaul

Ahilya sthan (Ahiyari ),Gautham Ashram,(Brahampur),Gautam kund, –It is famous historical temple, situated about 3 Kms. South of Kamtaul Railway Station in Jale Block.

Large fairs are held every year on the occasion of Rama navami in the Hindi month of Chaitra and Vivah Panchami in Agrahayan.

For the service of pilgrims and tourists Dharmik Nyash Board have facilitate the louge and dharmashala and a guest house to stay and homemade pure food is served at very low cost to the tourists staying here. All though there is no any restaurant and hotel near the temple the dharamshala so no need to worry about staying here.

We take one auto at a fare of  300/- from Darbhanga railway station to Ahilya sthan. We reached the very small village. No bus, auto facilities available at this village. But the roads are in very good condition from Darbhanga to kamtaul city.

Two temples opposite to each other. One temple is ancient and build between 1662-1682 during the kingdome of Maharaj Chhatra Singh and Maharaja Rudra Singh. It is a masterpiece of art and ancient indian architecture .

The Original place have a small temple. Near this a ashram is maintained by guru maharaj. Astha rishi vigraham is available at this ashram. Govt of Bihar built a big hall for the devotees. Around 100  persons can stay. Four clear separate bathrooms and 4 toilets are built. A pond is available but not suitable for bath.



After darshan of temples and ashram we wait for a long time to reach the Kamtaul railway st. no vehicles available. The villagers help us to stop a tempo. It have full of village peoples. So we climb on the top of the tempo and reach the railway station around 12.00 pm.

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