How to install Aadhar ECA

How to install Aadhar ECA



How to install Aadhar on laptop

Step1: Install Aadhar Software Ecmp v3.1

Step2: Copy Credential to Data Folder
(C:\UID Authority of India\Aadhaar Enrolment Client\data)
Step3: Create an admin account with Operator Id, password should be “123”.
Step4: Login to ECA, Click on Database Mgmt, and import files:
(a) Import Master Data from zipped file.
(b) Import Register Data from zipped file.
(c) Import Name Dictionary Data from zipped file.

Step5: Again login to ECA under Client Identity,
Enter details:
(a) Registrar Name : 206 – CSC e-Governance Services (I) Ltd,
(b) EA Name : 0206 – CSC e-Governance Services (I) Ltd,
(c) Station Id :
(d) Client Location : Enter Pincode.

Step6: Import Registrar Certificate: Click on download and Import

Step7: Enrolment Client Registration:
Enter Username:
Password: ********

Step8: User Onboarding: Click on Local Enrolment:
In the Text Box(Enter s search string here): certificate no.
Click on Reload/Refresh-> Click on Name-> Start Enrolment          ->Capture Biometrics->Enrol User.

Step9: Open AEC(Aadhar Enrolment Client) from shorcut at desktop

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