UIDAI Tech Support – 80230 99400, Email: techsupport@uidai.gov.in


Step 1: Apply on VLE UIDAI registration form. (After 2-3 days, your entry will be update)


Step 2: For adding operator with CSC, send consent letter:
(Click here to Download Consent Form)

Step 3: [a]. See Training Videos (click here)
[b]. Learn about DMS process (click here)
[c]. Lost Packets (click here)
[d]. Enrolment Errors (POP, BE and DE) (click here)
[e]. Visit csc adhar centre for understand whole process of aadhar enrolments.
Step 4: See System Configuration:
Step 5: Download Aadhar Softwares:
1. Anydesk (for remote support)
2. ECMP Client
3. Aadhaar SFTP Client v3.2.5
4. Updated Master & Registrar data link
Step 6: Email required and desired information for aadhar registration:
Info 1: Soft copy of payment sheet.(click for download) and passbook or cancel cheque.
Info 2: Verifier Stamp (Click to see stamp)
Info 3: Verifier documents (See Sample for Verifier documents in one pdf ) (Engagement Letter)
Info 4: Centre Check List (click for download) (sample centre checklist)
Info 5: Name, Contact nos and Address of VLE whose centre you visit for Aadhar Training
Step 7: The VLE will require to have a scanner per enrolment station for scanning POI/POA/POR documents of resident. The scanning will be the part of the enrolment packet which means scanning will be a step in the enrolment process itself.
Step 8: After Check all above steps: send a mail @ sarvan.kumar@csc.gov.in that

“I have learnt all enrolment process, kindly register my machine.”

Special Note: 

In case of any query or clarification, please feel free to revert @

Email: techsupport@uidai.gov.in


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