aadhar dms

aadhar dms


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The forms and resident documents (DMS) need to be stored by the VLEs as per the below procedure :

1)   1 EID set of documents = All the papers of the resident like Aadhaar Enrollment Form /POI/ POA/ POB/ Enrollment Slip and all the documents should verified and signed/sealed by the verifier.

2)   Each Enrolment Slip Should be signed by Resident.

3)   1 Batch = All EID Sets from a single machine with size of 250 EID sets.

4)   All batches having pick up list (250 Eids) on top.

5)   Documents will be sorted separately for each machine date wise in a bundle with a limit of 250 EID sets.

Points to be Remember for not to be reject your Eids by Aadhar DMS Team:

1) Each Enrolment Slip Should be signed by Resident.
2) If u have 786 eids, then submit 3 Batch ie 3 x 250 eids.
3) If u have 291 eids, then submit 1 Batch ie 250 eids.
4) Ur DMS should be in multiple of 250 eids set.
5) Submit One Cartoon tightly packed containing 8 Batch ie 2000 Eids.
6) Enrolment Slip should have clear 28 Digit (14 digit EID Nos and 14 Digit Date)
7) Enrolment Slip should contain clear picture.
8) Enrolment Slip should be properly printed.

Below image for the sample for verifier stamp:

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